What are the charges?

When selling tickets there are two fees that you will need to consider.

  1. The priorbooking.com booking fee
  2. The Stripe payment processing fee

Booking Fee

You can choose whether to absorb the priorbooking.com booking fee into the price of your ticket or to pass the fee onto your customers.  If you pass the cost onto your customers you will pay no booking fee to prior booking.com and the fee will be added to the amount that your customers pay for their tickets.  If you choose to absorb the fee then the priorbooking.com booking fee will be deducted from the funds you receive.  The priorbooking.com booking fee is 5% of the total ticket price with a maximum fee of £1.50 and a minimum of £0.25p

Stripe Payment Processing Fee

You will always pay a fee to Stripe for processing your payment.  For European debit and credit cards this is 1.4% of the transaction plus 20p.  For more information please see the Stripe pricing page

  1. You sell two tickets for £10 and you do not absorb the priorbooking.com booking fee.  Your customer will pay £21 (2 x £10 for the tickets plus £1 booking fee @ 5%).  You will receive £19.52 (2 x £10 - 1.4% - 20p) after Stripe have deducted their payment processing fee.
  2. You sell two tickets for £10 and absorb the priorbooking.com booking fees.  Your customer will pay £20 (2 x £10 for the tickets).  You will receive £18.52 (2 x £10 - 1.4% - 20p = £19.52 - £1 priorbooking fee (5% of the transaction).



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