Who are Stripe?

We use a company called Stripe to process your payments.

Stripe are the biggest company that you have never heard of. They are a secure online payment processor who power payments for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, AndroidPay and ApplePay amongst many others.

Stripe's card processing fees are the lowest on the market at just 1.4% + 20p per transaction.

When you create your first event on priorbooking.com, part of the set up process includes creating a Stripe account. You will need to have your organisation's bank details to hand as well as the name, address and date of birth of someone authorised to set up the Stripe account. You only need to do this once when you set up the first event. 

Priorbooking.com does not store any of your financial information.  This is all stored by Stripe to ensure that you sensitive data is stored 100% securely.

For more information about Stripe, please see their website https://stripe.com/about

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