What happens if event details are changed?

The event organiser can change some aspects of the event after it is published on priorbooking.com.  They are unable to change the following:

  • Date of the event
  • Venue for the event

In the event that either of these need to be changed, the event organiser must cancel the event, in which case you will receive a full refund for any tickets purchased.

Please see the what happens if the event is cancelled page for more information.

Other aspects of the event such as the time of the event or acts appearing at the event can be changed.  If you have purchased tickets to this event, priorbooking.com will send you a notification by email to let you know that some details of the event have changed.  When you receive this email you should view the event details on priorbooking.com to see what has changed and if these changes affect you.  Should these changes mean that you then wish to be refunded for your ticket, you can contact the event organiser to request a refund.  If the event organiser refuses to refund you and you feel that they are acting improperly then please see our what happens if I have a dispute with the event orgainser page .  

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