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How Becoming a Partner Can Raise Funds For Your Organisation

PriorBooking provides event organisers with an efficient, easy and secure method to sell tickets online. They are able to receive payments directly into their account by Stripe for every ticket they sell, but what if, there was a way to earn more from PriorBooking? 

What is a partner? 

Partners with PriorBooking earn commission by promoting PriorBooking to others. When an event organiser creates an account through a partner, the partner earns commission on every booking fee attained through that account. 

How do you earn from a partnership?

Once partnered, you receive a partner link, you then send this to those who you think would benefit from using the site. If they then proceed to create an account & sell tickets through PriorBooking you receive 25% of the booking fees for ALL tickets sold to ALL events created by that account. 

For example, one of your accounts creates an event that sells 1 ticket at £10.  Prior will charge a booking fee of £0.50 and you will receive £0.12 (25%) of this.

How do you get paid? 

The Commission is automatically accrued into your account. You will be able to see a list of the events you have earned commission from. This will initially show as pending until the event has taken place, this is to allow time for any refunds that may need to be made. Your commission will become available as unpaid referrals after 7 days. You must have earned over £20 or more in unpaid commission before you can request payment, this is to keep the number of transactions being processed to a sensible amount. You can accrue commissions for as long as you want & can request payment at any time without any limitations; so long as they exceed £20.

Who can you introduce? 

There is no limit to the number of event organisers that you can introduce. You will receive a flat rate of 25% of booking fees for ALL tickets, for ALL events by ALL event organisers that you have introduced. The exception is; you can only link new event organisers, this means that you cannot become linked with organisers that are already using the site. As a partner, the more people you are able to introduce, the more passive income you will earn. 

I'm a partner, how do I introduce others?  

When you are a partner you will receive a partner link. If organisers create an account on PriorBooking directly through this link, then their account will be linked to yours. If they then proceed to host an event and sell tickets, you will begin earning commission from that account. 

As a partner, the most important thing is that you make this link visible. If you know people who may benefit from the introduction of PriorBooking that's brilliant! you can include the link in an email and introduce them that way. We recommend placing the link onto your website and/or events page. This way when others are searching for you or your event, they are able to transfer directly over to PriorBooking through you, which can increase your chances of a successful link. Alternatively, you can insert the link into any marketing material you send online, be it newsletters or social media posts. 

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