How do I check in customers to my event?

There are 3 ways to check people into an event.

QR Code with QR Scanner

Every ticket has a QR code.  When you scan this code with a QR scanner, if you are logged into as the event organiser it will mark the ticket you have scanned as used.

QR scanners are available free of charge for most modern smartphones.  Please see below links to some free scanners for popular devices.

Printed List

You can print a list of attendees by going to MyAccount->Sell Tickets->View Check in Lists and then selecting the list for your event.  You can then create a printable list in pdf format that you can print as many times as needed.

Check in online on computer, phone or tablet

You can access the event whilst logged into your account on any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection and click the button next to each ticket to mark it as used.

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