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6 Benefits to selling tickets online

There are many advantages when it comes to selling tickets online, especially e-tickets. We are in the era where purchasing online is second nature. With the ease and convenience of online ticket hosting, you're able to collect more data from your audience which typically isn't possible when selling from team members or at the door. Your events should be utilising all the methods possible to increase awareness and sales. We have put together a list of reasons why it's better to use an online ticket service opposed to physical methods.

Time Efficient 

It won't come as a surprise that purchasing online takes far less time than it does to send in cheques, taking orders over the phone, designing and printing tickets etc... At face value is easy to see how convenient ordering a product from your home is. It's important to take note of all the “behind the scenes” admin work that goes into creating an event. The headaches come when it's time to distribute tickets which as a process on its own, can take a very long time. One of the biggest benefits to using an online ticketing system like PriorBooking is that all the hard work is automated. Creating an account and your event can be done in 10 minutes, once this is completed you can devote your time to other important matters like curating new ideas or planning other events. Our system automatically sends purchased tickets directly to the customer's inbox. This elevates the admin headaches that come with manual collecting and sending of emails, which as a result, saves a lot of time.

Cost Effective

Online ticketing services are usually free, we definitely are! If you're using physical methods to sell tickets you could be picking away at your profits. Whilst these prices can be negligible if you're hosting a very small event, the likelihood is if you're reading this, you're hosting an event with more than a few people. Manually printing and distributing tickets individually can become very costly. There are also other costs to consider such as employee fees, available resources & admin maintenance. When using an e-ticketing service, your event essentially becomes a passive function that requires little to no additional input from the event host. With tickets being delivered digitally and automatically to the recipient's email, there is no cost for the organiser, allowing you to save money and make a bigger profit on your event.

Open 24 Hour Screen

24/7 Availability 

If you're currently using employees, organisation members or retailers to sell tickets, then you already have a major problem that you might not have considered: your customers can only buy tickets when it's best for you. It's common retail practice that the customer should always come first and is always right, shouldn't this be the same for your event? Whilst using a ticketing service doesn't guarantee that you will make more sales; it does give you more time in the day to sell, essentially, all day. Your customers are no longer hindered by working hours and do not require direct contact with another person in order to make a purchase. Allowing availability at any time of day means your customers can purchase your tickets at their convenience, this can help make purchases from those who don't necessarily live near the event and might not be able to travel in order to purchase a physical copy.


As the event host, you want to be able to access your event and it's information at any given time. The issue with just using conventional methods is that if something happens to change with your event then you need to manually inform everybody who has purchased a ticket. what's more frustrating is that any marketing material (posters, fliers etc) would also have to be changed and this could cause upset with your audience if they aren't correctly informed. Using a ticketing service allows for you to change/add any information to your event when you need too. With PriorBooking you have the option when first creating your event, to send any updates that you've made to the event directly to the purchaser.


There are multiple methods you can use to check attendees into your event from traditional to digital. Using a traditional method: pen and paper provides an easy means to sign people in if you have a generally low number of attendees. This can be relatively slow if the person on the door has to sift through multiple pages to find the correct name, it can also become frustrating for your audience to have to wait in long lines. Similarly, you can also sign people in digitally, through the same method by using a computer/laptop instead. The benefit of this is that if you are using software that offers a search function, you can quickly search for the name and sign them off substantially quicker. The main security issue these raise, however, is there is no way to ensure that the ticket is legitimate. The final method that we recommend you use is QR code scanning. Tickets from PriorBooking come with their unique QR code that corresponds to your event. This requires the tickets code to be scanned to which you are then redirected to a sign in page. This signs the attendees into the event and ensures that their ticket is the one they have purchased, making it near impossible to duplicate tickets.

As the event host, you are the only person who has access to the secure side of your event (unless you decide to share access). Confidential information, customer emails, the number of tickets sold etc are only available to you, making sure that all information is kept secure and safe.

 Adds professionalism

Selling tickets on the door can sometimes appear as unprofessional unless you're running an event that is only local. The process of purchasing tickets through a well developed, visually pleasing system creates trust with your users. Many audiences prefer to purchase directly online as it provides a stress-free, quick and easy way to for them to make a purchase without having to go out of their way to do so.

At Priorbooking we like to add a little something extra to make your experience as easy and beneficial as possible.

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Add Questions to Your Tickets

We believe that selling tickets can be a method to gain some extra valuable information from your audience. When you create your tickets, you have the choice to add a few fields that the purchasers can complete, you can make these compulsory to answer or not. These questions can be anything you want; making it important to decide on a goal you want to achieve from your event. For example; you may want to gain more information on where your audience heard of your event, thus you could ask: where did you hear about this event?


At PriorBooking our aim is to help promote amazing events & help them sell-out the best we can. We promote any event listed on our site, regardless of whether they're free or offering tickets. We promote events daily through our Facebook and Twitter regularly up to the event deadline.

We're Free!

It is completely free for you to host events on our site, free or with tickets. Creating a low-risk high reward service for your event to succeed.

Have questions about PriorBooking? Don't hesitate to drop us a message on Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively; you can get in touch with me directly at


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